This is going to be a long read…


It’s been over a week since I last posted so I have lots to update you all on…

So last weekend (which seems like yesterday for some reason!) 5 of us had a little day out at a National Park! To get there, three of us volunteers – myself, Laura and Michelle – had to meet in de centro, which is fine for me as it is a ten minute walk! We agreed to meet in the church as they are about one of the safest places here, we hope! So me and Laura manage to get there and then start receiving texts from Michelle just saying ‘im lost’ and ‘i dont know where i am’ which was very scary!! She turned out to be in one of the most dangerous areas near here but luckily she found a bus to jump on but she was very shaken up when she found us! So we were already running half an hour late by this point and went straight to get a taxi to meet the other people we were going with. This did not work – we ended up going half an hour in the wrong direction and had to ask people in very broken spanish where we were. There was a lot of confusion but we eventually got in a taxi to the right place and didnt over pay too much…

So we first up with our travel companions for the day – Fernando who went to Denmark with ICYE and Leonardo who is going to be going to New Zealand with ICYE, oh and also Leonardo’s jeep that we were going to go driving up mountains in – it was definitely a bumpy ride especially as it only had 4 seats. Anyway, we eventually arrived at the National Park – La Tigra – and it is beautiful!! It’s a completely different world to Tegus – we went for a lovely walk there, at one point climbing up a river! And even stopped at Leonardo’s friend’s house in the middle of it for some homemade juice. The girl we met there has to trek through the park for 30 mins every day and then get an hour bus to university! It was great seeing such a lovely place and it was interesting that the price to enter doubled for ‘foreigners’ which at first was a bit off putting but then you realise, why shouldn’t they make a place like this affordable to locals and more dear to people who can afford it when the money is going to the presevation of the park! After that we went to Tegucigalpa’s zoo – which I won’t say too much about but it was NOT nice. Tiny cages, horrible smells and depressed looking animals. I did get to have a snake around my neck though which was definitely something different…

Afterwards we went to Fernando’s for our first Honduran BBQ – it was delicious! Steak, frijjoles and a yummy salad πŸ™‚ I then got a bus home (for the first time on my own) and it was fine! A lovely woman made sure that I got to the centre ok even though she spoke no English and just helps you to realise there are some really, really lovely people here!!Β 

The next day I went on a family trip to San Lorenzo, a beach town on the Pacific coast, and it was HOT. 40 degrees and everybody was still wearing jeans… I managed to get sun burn in ten minutes despite having sun cream on!! For lunch we went to a lovely fish restaurant on the beach and ate in a little private hut thing over the water – and parents I ate a whole fish, it had a head and everything!! (but i obviously didnt eat that bit… ) On the way back we stopped at lots of little stalls to buy Honduran sweets and fruits but it was hard to see the housing the people selling that stuff live in….

So then Monday was the first day of my project and i LOVE it!!! Only one person speaks English there but he has said he will speak to me in Spanish as much as possible to help me learn which is really good πŸ™‚ The first thing we did was go to Comayaguela – which I think I mentioned before as being pretty dangerous, especially the markets. But my project’s whole purpose is to work with people who work in the markets but I found it fine with Hector πŸ™‚ The project does amazing work – they teach the older kids to teach the younger ones about human rights, violence etc. and seeing them have a debate about that stuff Β – even though I couldn’t understand most of it – and being so passionate was really amazing to see and the kids I met were so lovely and sweet! Walking through the markets though, I saw a lot of children who clearly should have been at school and it’s just crazy that they’re allowed to be working instead of learning at even 6 or 7 years old…

The next day I heped with admin (where I noticed that a lot of parents clearly don’t know how to write and even spell their own children’ name wrong) and was also asked to help the people who do the human rights stuff. I think they’re really excited about my Masters and they asked me to do a list of topics to teach the children, teens and parents. It really good to do something helpful using my interest in human rights so hopefully I can get more involved with that once I know Spanish better…

The rest of the week, everyone in the charity worked together to put together the school bags for the children going to school next week. They help 2000 children (wow!!!) so it was a proper mission but still a lot of fun! There was also a birthday today so we had a lovely, big cake to finish off the week with! The people are amazingly lovely as well – they realised quickly my lack of spanish but still try and talk to me all day and its really helping me to learn. I have some really good days and some bad days with the Spanish but today was a good day – one of the guys offered to walk me home but he doesnt know a word of English so I was a little worried about walking the whole way in silence. But we actually managed to talk the whole way – yay i know some stuff! So that really made me feel good πŸ™‚Β 

The only problem I’m having at the moment is the men – I’m used to men being a little pervy at home but here its completely different and CONSTANT!! I only have about a 15 minute walk to work but the whole way there and back I have men constantly staring and saying things to me. They even cross the street so they can come and whisper stuff in my ear and someone even touched my arm the other day, which doesnt sound a big deal but it is so unnerving when you know how bad the crime is here and you’re suspecting everyone anyway! It’s fine as soon as someone else is with me so I might ask the guy who walked me home today if he minds walking with me every day as its not too far from his home – otherwise I’m going to have to look into getting a taxi every day. I really dont want to do this though as my walk to and from walk is about the only time i get outside to enjoy the erm, ‘fresh’ air!! But feeling constantly violated while I’m walking along is quickly getting me down every day…!Β 

But other than that I am completely in love with my project and the people there so I’m super happy and excited for the next 5 months – just cant believe its almost a month since i left home! Going out for a meal with my host sister tonight so thanks for reading, sorry if it was a little long – I had loads more to say but didn’t want to go on for too long! I will post with the rest soon πŸ™‚Β 

Have a good weekend everybody!Β 

PS. Dad and Holly if you’re reading this, get in touch!!!! It’s been a month and I’ve only heard from you once πŸ˜‰ Love you all x


One thought on “This is going to be a long read…

  1. Your never on skype!! ….please let me know a time and day when you’ll be available and online, can’t wait to speak to you!! :D-I’ll get on with trying to sort the laptop thing out with dad in the meantime.

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