Things I miss about England…

I know everyone at home is feeling down about the cold weather and never ending petrol rises etc., so I thought I would do a post reminding you all why you have it lucky as I obviously have an expert’s view having been away from the glorious UK for two months now. (I should also point out for anyone who isn’t aware I have spent the majority of the last 10 years in both Wakefield and Loughborough… definitely not the most appealing places in our Island so I may miss out on some of the nicer things from more picturesque parts of the country!!) 


1. Firstly, I miss an trip to a good English pub so much!! I have been to one place that kind of, sort of resembled a pub but it was more like the rough around the edges, bikers kind of place… and it was all outdoors, definitely not anywhere you would find in England! I am craving to go to a good pub (preferably the one in the picture – Lauren you should recognise it), order a large glass of wine and sit by the fireplace in a big, cosy sofa! I think I may be spending a lot of time in pubs when I eventually return home…

2. Naturally, thinking about English pubs leads on to thinking about the menu a good pub would have. Fish and chips, steak, pie and even burgers. I don’t exactly find myself craving these things but whenever someone asks me about British food and I give them a long list I find myself wondering how I am going to go so long without it all! Especially when I tell them about Sunday dinner and the totally British thing of roasties and yorkshire puddings! I think everyone reading this should have a roast this Sunday and send me pictures, please! 

3. Also chocolate. We haven’t seen much sign of Honduran chocolate yet and we have to avoid the supply of American chocolate – Hersheys mostly. Myself and Laura have developed a strong relisance on the only good chocolate we have found – M&M’s!! They are everywhere so they are definitely a staple part of my diet while I wait for a lovely package from my sister with some good English chocolate! We did find some Milka in one of the supermarkets but they stopped selling it in our second week… why?? 😦 

4. Carpets – definitely one of those things I have now realised we 100% take for granted at home. No one has carpets here, I don’t think I have seen one room with carpet in yet. I didn’t tell many people this but in my first week, as I was adjusting to having a single rather than a double bed, one morning my alarm went off on the floor next to my bed. And me thinking I had a whole double bed to get across, flung myself towards the alarm and then fell with some force onto the rock hard, tiled floor. Ouch. You also find your feet being dirty ALL the time even if you have just come out of the shower or have worn socks all day… 



5. Baths – I know I shouldn’t complain because I had a very hot, powerful shower which some of the other volunteers don’t have but I miss baths a lot! I did make the most of them in the last few months at home but I am craving a long soak in the bubbles with a book or magazine. I will have to treat myself to a nice hotel some time and make sure there is a nice, big bath waiting for me…

6. A proper duvet. Obviously a big fluffy duvet wouldn’t be very practical here due to the heat (which is getting rapidly hotter as we approach summer), but it just isn’t the same when you get into bed and you only have a blanker to snuggle into. Definitely something I will appreciate more when I’m back living in a cold country.

7. Being able to write text messages and not even notice how many texts I am sending in the message. Now having a pay as you go phone for the first time in my life and somehow using all the saldo (credit) I put on ridiculously fast, it is a necessity to restrict all texts to a one page limit! This is especially difficult as most of the people I text in English are not native English speakers so might not understand what I mean when I say ‘atm’ or ‘becos’ and I am definitely not ready to use shortcuts in my Spanish texts… 

8. Having said that, I also miss hugely being able to just phone or text everyone at home. Having to email and wait however long for a reply or arranging a time to skype with a 6 hour time difference is a huge pain sometimes. It’s often tempting to just phone people anyway just to say hi quickly and demand an email telling me all the gossip – but reason 7 quickly makes me realise that would be stupid. 

9. This one may sound quite strange but I actually miss the excitement of it being a warm day! It is hot here every day and I have quickly gotten used to it so when I leave the house in the morning, I’m actually happier when I feel a nice breeze. So it is strange but I’m missing the odd, slightly warm day in Britain as when it happens it’s a treat and it’s like everyone suddenly has a better day because of it! 

10. I really, really, really miss driving around – and in particular Hugo. I recently skyped my family and they asked if I was missing everything at home and I had to admit ‘no offence but the things I am actually missing the most are my car and the dogs’! Oops! I miss being able to hop in the car and pick Lauren up and go off somewhere random. Or driving to Loughborough, London or Louth to see friends and play music ridiculously loud and have a little dance around by myself. But the roads and driving here in Tegus quickly make me realise that’s something I’m more than happy to wait until I’m back on the roads of England for… 


11. Finally, I miss going on little trips to the pub, walking places like Newmillerdam and other random places. I get so jealous when I hear that Lauren and Vicks are going to the pub, or my Mum and sister are going for walks in the snow with Molly. My Dad sending me pictures of the dogs in the snow last month almost made me get straight on a plane back to Middlestown to join in the fun! But I know all these places will be waiting for me when I get back and I will hopefully appreciate them all more… for at least the first few weeks anyway!

I will post soon with things I don’t miss about England – just to make it an equal argument of course 🙂 x


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