Things I don’t miss about England

As promised, here are a few things that I don’t miss about England…

1. The weather!! Having seen a lot of new stories about the snow, rain and wind in the UK since I left I can definitely say I’m not missing being cold all the time and having to wear a lot of layers every time I leave the house…

2. How expensive everything is in England… I went out here last night and had 3 glasses of wine and 3 beers and had a tab of about 260L which is about £10. This is good news for my bank balance. 

3. I definitely don’t miss having a smart phone… seriously. I have already decided that when I come back I’m not going to let myself get another one. It is so nice to not have the constant distraction of facebook, twitter, emails and the internet. It actually encourages you to interact with the people you are with and save contacting the rest of the world until you’re on your own in the evening. 

4. Motorways… yes they would be more convenient here sometimes so you can get to the next big city in half the time but having spent four years driving up and down the same bit of motorway for 4 years at university it is really nice to having windy, scenic roads… even if they are a little dangerous. 

5. Racism. A few weeks before I left for Honduras, I was in a cinema watching Life of Pi when some disgusting man muttered (very loudly) a racist joke to his partner… he was also sat next to a 5 year old boy who wasn’t with him. If we could hear it, I’m sure that boy would have been able to. When did it become acceptable to air your racist views in a packed cinema?? It seems to me that there is a lot less racism here than in the UK (or it is in a less viscous way here at least) but then again that may be because of the language barrier… but it is still nice to get away from hearing stranger’s slurs and reading about a woman shouting at a foreign student in an NHS waiting room because she was black…

6. What people and the newspapers moan about; obviously there is a lot going on all the time that is bad and should be a big worry. But there is also a lot of news about roads with potholes, NHS waiting times and prices going up a bit. I know these things aren’t good but really when you compare it to the problems here, people here would laugh to know what we complain about! The largest children’s cancer ward in the country has 24 beds… so it’s not an issue of waiting time, it’s an issue of will a child with cancer even get a bed in the hospital. It’s hard to explain but it feels like the problems here are more serious and so are more worth hearing about. 

7. How shy and conservative we are in the UK… in Honduras you meet everyone with a kiss on the cheek and a ‘mucho gusto’ and being foreign is definitely a good conversation starter so you end up meeting so many people. We tend to be too reserved to go up and just start a conversation with people in the UK… I think I’m going to try and introduce the kiss on the cheek thing when I get back!! 

8. My habit of always planning the next thing I’m going to do… as most of you will know I’m slightly obsessed with making plans and booking things way in advance. But it’s actually nice to be right in the middle of actually doing something different and amazing! And I try hard not to spend too much time planning the next adventure… 

So they are just a few things I’m not missing about home, I’m sure there are more but I know I have to return there eventually so I’m trying not to list my frustrations too much… 



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