Countries viewing my blog

So I decided to post the list of countries who have looked at my blog so far (and how many times!) when I hit 1000… well I’ve now hit 1,025! How amazing! So here is who is checking out my life in Honduras…

  • United Kingdom…   809 views
  • Honduras…   103 views
  • Netherlands…    27 views
  • Germany…   19 views
  • Austria…    11 views
  • Costa Rica…   10 views (Hola Sara!!)
  • Australia…   6 views
  • United States….   6 views
  • Switzerland…   5views
  • Canada…   3 views
  • Malaysia…   2 views
  • France…   2 views
  • Spain…   2 views
  • Guatemala…   1 view
  • Brazil… 1 view
  • Pakistan…   1 view
  • Singapore…   1 view

How amazing is that?? I will update again when I manage 2000 hits and hopefully I will have had a few more different countries take a look. Thank you everyone for reading 🙂


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