It is officially May and less than 265 days to go…

So it is officially May…

 I realised that I have been in Honduras for over 100 days now!! Wow where did that time go?! I remember when I arrived and May seemed so long away and it is here already! Here are a few of my favourite pictures so far…
I really can’t tell you all how quickly it feels like this time has gone and as I am staying here more or less for 365 days it means I am almost a third of the way through my time here. A year seems like such a long time but if a third has already gone then it doesn’t seem so long suddenly… All I can say is that I’m so happy to be here.
May also means that I get a whole year older this month. Damn. I guess 23 isn’t so bad. And to cheer myself up from the idea of being 23 and not actually working yet (although I guess volunteering is a good replacement to that!), myself and Laura will be going on a little trip. This is where we will be going…
 So I know I’m in Honduras to volunteer and everything… but getting old is a reason to run away and enjoy myself for a few days right?? Plus I have to experience the culture of Honduras and the paradise of the North Coast and its Bay Islands are just part of that 🙂 We will also get the chance to go to the Carnival in La Ceiba (similar to Brazil’s but smaller). But this means I will be away the week before my birthday and on my actual birthday so no blog posts, skyping or much facebooking! How will I survive?? I will hopefully be able to catch up with everyone the weekend after my birthday though. We are getting the bus and ferry up to Utila on the 11th so if we are quiet from them, you will know why…
Today is also a national holiday for Honduras as it is May Day and instead of waiting until the first Monday of the month to have a day off, we have it slap bang in the middle of the week! It has been nice to relax and catch up with everything though and hopefully skype some people tonight. So happy May Day everyone!! 🙂 

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