More of crazy Honduras

So my original plan to take a little notebook around with me and make notes when I saw crazy things went out of the window a while ago… I keep seeing things and completely forgetting to make a note of it, so sadly some of the crazy things that I have seen here are now lost forever in the sieve that is my memory. However I have managed to rustle up a few things for you…

  1. A couple of times I have seen guys on bikes (like not the motorbike kind) holding onto the back of buses when they are going up big hills… nice little money saver.
  2. It has become more and more common to see men just stood in the middle of the centre, on a crowded street, just peeing against the wall. In view of everyone. Lovely.
  3. I recently saw my first dead dog! This might sound morbid but it’s actually a miracle that I’ve been here so long now and not seen one yet… you can’t drive anywhere for more than 2 minutes without a dog walking along the street or walking out into the road. But somehow the majority of the dogs manage to survive…
  4. More disturbing is we all went out the weekend just gone and Michelle messaged me after she’d got home saying she had driven past a dead man… he had been shot and there were people stood around watching, even at 3 in the morning. Laura has seen something similar to this as well a few months ago.
  5. On this night out, we learnt that despite there being a law saying that all bars should be closed and not selling alcohol by 2am, most ignore this. The bar we were in, and others, often stay open past the curfew because the fine is cheaper than the money they will get from drinks sales. So logical…
  6. Men’s tummies – men here, who have quite sizeable bellies, seem to think it’s nice to lift their tops up and rest their hands on their bellies. It’s not nice, in fact it’s quite icky… read this if you want to know more about the bellies of Honduras –
  7. Myself and Michelle were in the centro last week sitting on the cathedral steps when a man came up to us and spoke a little English to us – it seems as though when guys know just a tiny bit of English they feel like they need to come up to you and show it off. And then it just becomes awkward because they want to keep talking and we don’t…
  8. One of the things that I’ve started to notice lately, and really annoys me, is you will hardly ever see a mother giving her baby a milk bottle. It is always coca cola… not even water. Coke is cheaper than water here, but really… surely they can strectch to a couple of lemps more to help their child’s growth. Maybe that is why everyone is so short here??
  9. Another annoying thing is my bus stalker. He is so annoying!! The first time he appeared in my life, he was sat in front of me on the bus and just suddenly turned around and looked at me. He wasn’t smiling or being creepy, but just looking at me like he just didn’t know what to think about my being there. Throughout the 30 minute journey, he continued to just suddenly turn around and get a good look at me and I was starting to get really peeved off. So when we got to the last stop, as he was in front of me, I held back to get off so he would leave before me. But he had different ideas… he waited too, so that when I had to get off, he leaned in and whispered ‘preciosa’ in my ear. Eww. This has happened three times now, I’m going to get Hector to teach me what to say to him to tell him to BACK OFF…
  10. One of the crazier things was when Michelle was visiting my house last week and we got on the bus from my project to my house and as we were waiting for it to fill up and leave, Michelle said ‘fight’ and pointed out of the window. I looked out and saw one guy who was clearly riled up but couldn’t see another guy… turned out that was because it was a woman. She was crazy, most likely on something. She was grabbing him, pushing him, banging his head on the wall. Each time the guy looked at her like he was so ready to hit her, but he kept just walking away… but every time she would try to aggrevate him again. As our bus was about to leave, the guy saw this as his best option to get away. But she followed him on… so then she was smacking him right in front of us and even bitting him. It was crazy, and slightly scary, but they eventually got off and we went on our way… no idea what happened in the end!
  11. Finally, and I am still recovering from this… I went to meet Laura yesterday but it was pouring it down. So I was walking quick through the rain, keeping my head down… when I saw this huge bum. A naked huge bum. I am not exaggerating in the slightest… this woman was stood, in the rain, stark naked with nothing on at all. Just stood there. In the rain. And no one was doing anything, people were barely even looking at her, like it wasn’t even a weird thing to be doing. I went back the same way an hour later and she wasn’t there anymore so hopefully she found some clothes and some help…

So there you go, crazy Honduras, crazy as ever.


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