Mosquitoes need to be locked up

Seriously, they are thieves. They steal blood. They steal. That’s a crime. They should be locked up… not allowed to fly off and steal from someone else. Plus, they are arguably the most dangerous animal on the planet as they happily spread diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever etc. How lovely of them. As I am lucky enough to have had injections against these deadly diseases, I don’t need to worry about these little pests too much – although Dengue Fever is quite bad in Honduras. But despite my immunity to the worst that this pests can do, I still feel that some superior bug needs to come along and lock them all up. They are so ridiculously annoying.

During the first few months living here, I had no problems with mosquitoes… I never saw any in my house and when we went for weekends away, Brynja was always the meal of choice. However, since moving into my new house I seem to have become a lot more tasty. Like, seriously tasty. They just seem to love me… Laura stays over and I will wake up with 5 bites while she is smiling away with no itchy bites at all (but I guess she does have to put up with my sleep talking). Maybe part of this is my fault for not always keeping my door closed or being a lowsy mosquito killer (Lauren, where are you when I need you with your killer flip flop skills??), but can’t they just give me a break, please??

So far I’ve been quite tolerant of these pests and their red, itchy bites but last weekend they took it to another level. Myself and Laura went to watch my host brother and his friends, Teddy and Christopher, play football on Saturday. So we were sat, enjoying ourselves, trying not to get too bored… all fine. Then we went to leave and as we drove away my eyes started to feel really itchy and my ears felt really hot… when we got back to one of the guy’s houses so they could shower and stop being smelly, I looked in the mirror and found that my face, neck, underarms and wrists were COVERED in bites and a bright red rash. I had about 10 bites on each wrist and dozens on my arms. The sides of my eyes were red and sore, and my ears bright red and boiling hot. Eek. I felt fine but the guys freaked out that I was having a bad allergic reaction and possibly going to die… so we went to the pharmacy where they got me some pills to react to all the rash etc., which was sweet of them 🙂 Anyway, it all went away quite quickly… the bites had disappeared within a couple of hours and the rash on my wrists by the next day, and we went and enjoyed some beers so all fine in the end. But I am put off football even more from now on…

About four hours after the mozzies got me…Image

As well as all this, I managed to stand in an ant’s nest on the way to the football and had a foot covered in ant bites too… check out my sexy foot two days later:.. Image



While I’m mentioning the guys I should also declare that they are turning me into both a geek and a boy, neither of which I am happy about. In the last few weeks I have gone to see Fast and Furious, Star Trek (!!!), After Earth (awful)… and last night Superman. But not just any screening of Superman… the midnight premier of Superman. And I loved it. I’ve been a bit ill lately and I think part of it is I don’t sleep enough… but apparently Superman is now worth having just 3 hours sleep before work. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead right?? 


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