The next two months…

2 months, 5 countries, 4 flights, countless buses, lots of food, lots of sunbathing, lots of sightseeing, some emotional goodbyes, and some very emotional reunions. This is just some of what I have to look forward to over the next couple of months…

I won’t be near a computer much until September, although I will try and do a quick update now and then, when I can find an internet cafe of something. But for now, for those you who don’t know what I’m going to be up to (my parents included of course) I’m going to give a quick idea of what I’ll be doing (although it will definitely change).

Firstly, from tomorrow to Sunday all the volunteers who came to Honduras in January will be going to an ICYE camp at Lago de Yajoa. For everyone but me it will be their final, pre-departure camp – for me, my mid-term evaluation. Everyone will be leaving Honduras within the two weeks after the camp; I just can’t believe the time has gone so fast! It seems like two minutes ago I was writing about the orientation camp and my first thoughts on Honduras. It will be really sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially Loui, Michelle and Max, but I am looking forward to our planned reunions in Denmark, Switzerland and Austria!! We are planning to take two bottles of wine each (one for me, for obvious reasons) to the camp and do a Spice Girls performance… it should be a lot of fun! Althought it is weird to hear them all talking about going home, I know that I am not ready to leave at all and I am so glad that I am staying for 6 more months 🙂

Then, on Tuesday, Laura and I are finally doing our big trip! We had originally planned to go to South America but that plan was thrown away when we realised that, actually, we have no money. So instead we are planning on a 5 week run around Guatemala, Mexico and Belize. As seems to be the norm with us, we haven’t really planned at all… in fact, were not even sure which bus we are getting on Tuesday. But we will figure it out. When I tell people I am going to Mexico, they are like ‘ooo but it’s so dangerous!’, people seem to forget I live in Honduras… So I would love to give a detailed plan of our trip but we just don’t have one, although hopefully it will include lots of old, colonial towns, ancient ruins and, most importantly, beaches. Hopefully…

When we get back to Honduras mid-August, I will have just a few short days left with Laura before she also flies back to Europe and abandons me. Sad face. I am trying to make her feel as guilty as possible… I don’t think its working, she is too excited to see her dog and eat English food. I won’t go into how emotional this is going to be now as I’m really trying not to think about it! But hopefully we will have a great time in Mexico to send her off 🙂

A few days after Laura leaves I am flying to MIAMI BITCH!! I started off my Honduras adventure in Miami with Laura (and managed to break my brand new laptop) so it will be weird to go back, without Laura and not being on my way home. Instead I will be on my way to Boston to see my mum and sister! But before that, I will get to Miami a few days early and see my amaaazing SISTA Azariah 😀 she will be in Miami on her way back from studying in Arizona and I am so excited to see her. We will be staying with her uncle and hopefully doing some sightseeing and, yet more, sunbathing 🙂

So after a few days in Miami, I will be flying up to Boston to meet my mum and sister at the airport from their flight from Manchester. It will have been over 7 months since I have seen them by the time we are in Boston and the idea of seeing my mum after that long is really overwhelming. I remember when I went to New Zealand and then just 6 weeks away seemed like a lifetime! I miss her so much all of the time. Due to all of my family’s inability to use the internet, emails or skype that effectively I havent spoken to any of them as much as I would like to sometimes. So 7 days with my mum and sister is going to be amazing and I am definitely going whale watching!! I wish my Dad could come too but, as is always his excuse, he has our lovely dogs to look after… I cant wait to see him in January though and get a huge daddy hug!!

So for now, hope you all have an amazing (and probably wet) summer! I will do quick updates while I can over the next couple of months 🙂 Saludos!! x



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