ICYE mid-term camp

Just a quick post to say the weekend was amazing in Lago de Yajoa for the ICYE camp… it was my mid-term camp, the final camp for the other international volunteers and the pre-departure camp for the nationals going to Europe this year. There was about 25 of us in all… in just two rooms, one for boys and one for girls… but it was a lot of fun. 

The weekend made me realise how extremely happy I am to be staying for another 6 months, the other volunteers are all excited to be going home which is really good, but for me I know I would definitely not be ready to go yet… so I’m really glad I decided to stay here longer. After the next two months or so travelling, I know I’m going to be really excited to get back and get a lot more stuck in with my project and Spanish, and spend lots of time with my amazing host family!! The weekend also meant lots of evaluating our experience so far and there is nothing I have regretted or wish I’d done differently, everything has just been amazing and I’m sooo glad I’m here. 

I also met some great new people at the camp from Honduras; two of them are going to the UK to volunteer next year so it was a lot of fun telling them all about home and getting them excited. Of course, me, Laura, Michelle and Loui gave an amazing performance of a Spice Girls classic to show what the UK is all about!!  I’m super sad that Laura and everyone are leaving me, it’s so good to meet new people who I can hopefully meet up with in September when I’m back.

Tomorrow Laura and me are finally heading off for some travelling… Laura has been freaking out all day that I hadn’t started packing yet, but it’s all done now. Hopefully I will get a little sleep before we set off for the coach at 4 in the morning… ! 

Also, go Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 


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