First week back at my project

For a few weeks I had been worrying that this week was going to be really lonely with not having most of my host family around but actually it has been a great week and I’ve managed to jump straight back into Honduras life 😀 Now that I only have less than 5 months left I am determined to get more involved in my project, improve my Spanish a lot and spend as much time with friends as I can. So here’s a quick sum of up of my first 5 days back… 


I went back in on Monday and saw everyone from my project for the first time in weeks, I missed them so much and it was amazing to see them all! Everyone seemed so happy to have me back and they all agreed that I’m so tanned now I can count as a Honduran too 😉 I also had some presents to give out to a few people and they all seemed to like them; I gave the director a Yorkshire Tea tea towel which she is going to put up on the wall! And I had a mega bag of Milka chocolate to share out with everyone but, of course, it disappeared within 10 minutes… I’m going to have to bring enough for an army when I visit from England in the future! I spent the morning making a lesson plan for Hector’s Spanish class and then joined him to a community school where he was teaching. Just outside of Tegus there is an area that is basically the dump for the entire city and people live within it as they work there sorting the rubbish. The school we went to was next to the dump and it was really sad for me to see the clothes the children were wearing; they all had holes in their clothes and seemed to be wearing things for ages way above their own. But, of course, they are children so they didn’t let anything like that phase them and after their Spanish lesson it was a lot of fun to watch them play ‘Cat and Rat’; a Honduras favourite. 

That afternoon, after my project, I went straight to meet a friend and we planned to watch a film, but we ended up just talking all evening which was super nice 🙂 


Tuesday morning I planned a lesson for Hector again, this time Maths, so a little easier as it was just numbers and not too much translation! Turns out though that my adding up isn’t so great any more so I may need to look at that once my Spanish is sorted! Then one of the co-ordinators asked me to create a leaflet on the topic of what it means to be a man in Honduras and that the ‘machismo’ culture can have a negative effect on women. It’s been really good having my own little project to get on with and asking people in the project questions to help put together the leaflet 🙂 I also got back in with the domino tradition that a few of us have, as soon as we’ve finished eating we play dominoes until we go back to work… it’s a lot of fun because the guys that play are super silly about it and it’s hilarious to watch them! 

That day after work I went with a few people from my project to Espresso Americano, Honduras’ version of Starbucks, to have a coffee and help one of them apply for their visa to the US. I thought doing the VISA wouldn’t take too long… it did; obviously the US is quite nervous about letting Hondurans into their country as they literally asked about EVERYTHING. We spent 3 hours filling in the application, which is only the beginning of the process, as they then have to go for an interview, pay money etc. Having gotten my ESTA recently, it was amazing to see the difference in visa applications… I also then got a ride home from the guy who’s application it was, and when I describe his car, I think only ‘deathcab’ justifies it. It’s terrifying. 


I continued with the leaflet most of Wednesday – the only thing is that they wanted it to be handwritten, so when it is finished I will post a picture on here, but try not to laugh at the awful hand writing too much! Hector said that my grammar etc. was good though and everyone has been saying that my Spanish is a lot better too which is really great. And people also keep telling me I have lost weight, when I am sure I have put some on since I left for Mexico (damn portions in North America), but oh well, I’m not going to complain if it looks that way! 

That evening I met up with my lovely Joel for dinner – one of the banks in Honduras is doing a 50% discount in some restaurants at the moment, so obviously we had to make the most of that. So I set off to meet Joel in a colectivo taxi which was all fine, until it suddenly began to pour it down… and I mean it took literally 2 seconds to go from fine, to the kind of rain we don’t even see in England. By the time I got to where we were meeting I had to jump over the rivers that had appeared on all the roads! And then Joel’s car wouldn’t start so we had a detour to a garage – but eventually we got to our cafe. We had some lovely panini’s while getting excited about his going to Ireland in January, woohoo! 


Usually we have a big meeting with everyone on Friday mornings but the meeting this week was on Thursday… as we were going on a trip the next day, yay! One of the people who work there, Diana, is moving to Spain in a couple of weeks so it was her last day on the Friday. So in good AYO style, we were taking a day trip to say goodbye to her – I just love my project! So Thursday was just more leaflet making and getting excited for another project day trip 🙂 

Last night I went for dinner with a couple of guys I met recently through ICYE, one is going to England and one to France in the next few months. The guy going to England, David, lives near me so he came to pick me up. We agreed to speak only in Spanish the whole night, which we pretty much managed – but I think I impressed him so much with my language skills that we ended up having a little car crash; my first one in Honduras! Don’t worry parents; it was just a bit of a bump but David’s car was quite bashed up at the front 😦 it was the other guy’s fault, and although he gave his details to David, it’s probably likely that he won’t pay up. Things like that, we don’t realise how lucky we are in England that we know someone will have to pay if it’s their fault! Anyway, we made it to dinner and it was a really fun night and I’m feeling so good about my Spanish now… my brain seems to be a bit of a sponge right now so I’m making the most of it and taking in as much as I can! Even when I’m emailing Brynja from Iceland, we talk in Spanish 🙂 (extraño mucho mi cariño!!) 


I got up super early today (5.30, ouch!) to get to the project on time – as usual, they were really strict about getting there by 6.30 and then no one turned up until 7! But oh well, we got on our way to Comayagua, about 2 hours north of Tegus – I managed to make the mistake of sitting in front of Edgardo etc. on the bus so my ears are hurting now. But a bus journey with my project is always hilarious; there are always people shouting across the bus too each other, singing and passing whole meals around. 

We got to the golf club we were going to and had a delicious typical Honduras breakfast, before a presentation to thank Diana for all her work and lots of people made really sweet speeches. We then had a couple of hours to explore the grounds and I went with a few of the girls for a walk around and we ended up watching the guys play football and then all going to have lunch. It was so much hotter than Tegus though!

After lunch, we had some pool time and we were all happily enjoying swimming (actually, most of the people in my project can’t swim so I was leading people across the pool from the shallow end to the steps at the deep end), when a duck flew into the pool. It seemed to think it was in some kind of pond as it kept diving like it was looking for food. Some people got nervous about it, and as I felt like I could handle it as I was one of the best swimmers, I went up to it to try and scare it off. Edgardo then shouted that I should swim under it – for some reason I did even though I hate swimming under water, and the duck freaked out, dived and bit me! I was terrified so I was screaming until I realised that it didn’t hurt at all; by this time everyone was laughing at me, oops! 

Eventually, after all the duck drama, it was time to go home to Tegus! Here are some pictures from today…










So it had been an amazing first week back in Tegus – this weekend I have a catch up with a lovely friend and we’re going for some yummy nachos and then my host family get back on sunday… yay!!!! I’m sooo excited to see them and have lots of sister time with Azariah and Raeli 😀 so until next time… saludos!! x 



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