Being ill abroad is no fun…

Runny nose. Blocked nose. Itchy throat. Fever. And nausea. All the things you don’t want to deal with when you are living in a strange house in a strange country. There is no time when your cravings for things from home are stronger… what I would do for a box of Kleenex, a packet of strawberry soothers and a bowl of rice pudding with strawberry jam! And a cheeky dose of yummy Calpol of course (I just checked and they only sell it in the UK, Ireland, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the Philippines so definitely no chance of me getting any). 

If anything,, being ill abroad, for me anyway, makes me miss my family a whole lot more. Since my Dad worked from home from when I was around 11, I have really strong memories of being sick at home when I was a teenager. They were the best days. I remember laying in bed, catching up on Jeremy Kyle, with the satisfying knowledge all my friends were in Maths or Science wishing that they could be at home. And having two daughters who went through various illnesses over their teenage years, my Dad really perfected his role as carer of a sick person – he always becomes the sweetest person when me or Holly was sick. My diet when I was ill always consisted of only carrot and coriander soup and rice pudding – my Dad never let the kitchen run out of these things when I was ill and he would always make sure I had enough water and pills and tissues. Then, after getting bored of Jeremy Kyle, it would always cheer my day up when my sister would get home from school and my Mum would get home from work and I would have even more people fussing over me and asking if I was OK. My mum was always more generous about granting another day home from school – probably as she didn’t usually have to make endless bowls of rice pudding with the perfect amount of jam in – so I always made sure I seemed a little bit more ill when she poked her head in in the evenings! Sorry Dad! Despite not enjoying all the symptoms that come with being ill, those few days every now and then would be almost the only time a teen like me would be stuck at home and forced to rely on the care of someone else – so it may seem weird, but I am really nostalgic about those memories. 

But I’m not at home for my Dad to look after me and make me feel better – I’m in Honduras! With an amazing family – but a family who all have busy days and half of them with the same cold as me. So tomorrow, I will be sorting myself out with whatever food I can find – and it definitely won’t be rice pudding. And, unlike school, I actually enjoying going to my project and I was ill last week too so I’m really not happy about most likely having to call in sick for a day or two again! At least the miracle that is the internet will still provide me with some good, old British trash tv…

So to sum up, I am suffering with some really bad cold symptoms and to rub it in a little more, I am missing my family more than ever. I would give anything for a big hug from my Mum or Dad right now and knowing I have to wait more than 3 months until I get one seems like an eternity. I will feel back to normal in a couple of days and having less than 4 months left will be terrifying again and I will put everyone at home to the back of my mind again (it seems cold but it would be too painful to miss everyone so much, all of the time). But for the time being I am going to wallow in my self pity and crave a couple of packets of strawberry soothers… 


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