El Progreso

One of my favourite things about Honduras is that just when you’ve had a really bad week and you’re feeling pretty low, something will happen to pick it all right back up again. For the first time in 8 months, last week I was feeling ready to go home… not a good thing. I want to make the most of my remaining time here and if I was wishing I was back home the whole time, I doubt that would happen. Luckily, I wasn’t feeling like this for too long thanks to an amazing weekend in El Progreso…

Julia, from Austria, was at my house on Friday evening and we were debating whether to go away for the weekend… when my good friend Teddy phoned saying that he was going to El Progreso for the weekend for a parade and did we want to come? Well of course we did. After some speedy packing, yummy snacks and a car rave later we arrived in El Progreso around 11pm. A great thing about Honduras is that it can be so spontaneous… we went straight to the house of Teddy’s cousins to pick them up and then zoomed around the town picking up more friends. With around 9 or 10 of us in the car, including people in the boot and occasionally someone hanging off the side of the car, we blasted the music and got in the party mood… the party always starts in the car in Honduras!! We then went to a Salva Vida (a brand of beer here) bar that was set up the weekend and proceeding to dance the night away while drinking beer for 20L… 20L is equal to $1, so pretty cheap!! When the bar closed at 2am, me and Julia assumed it was time for bed… but instead we headed to a club in the town, danced and drank some more… before heading to a 24 hour baleada place. Baleadas are the food of El Progreso – it was almost all we ate, which made me and Julia very happy! I think I am having baleada withdrawal symptoms now…

So we eventually got to bed around 5am and then it was up at 9am to go to one of the guys from the night before’s farm… two of his horses were going to be in the parade later on. The north of Honduras is extremely hot and humid so standing around in a field with some horses, which scare me, wasn’t my idea of fun… but Julia was in horse heaven! We then took the horses in a trailer to the waiting area for the parade for the horses where we also had lunch in a tent full of cowboys. Gotta love the cowboys! We then went into the town to watch the parade which was really great and reminded me of when we had an annual parade in Wootton Bassett. At one point, some dancers came past and when they saw me and Julia, random gringas, in the crowd they ran forward to bring us to dance… me being me (slightly crazy) I ran straight into it and danced some raggaeton in front of all the people in the crowd! One of my more crazy moments in Honduras… but it was amazing! πŸ™‚Β 

That evening, after some more baleadas, we headed to the bar from the night before and did some more dancing. Teddy is an awesome dancer and he has taught me the basics of salsa; I really love dancing it and think I may have to find some classes in England to carry it on! And of course, I got my hips moving for some catracho dancing too! πŸ˜€ I am going to miss proper dancing so much… Hondurans don’t just go out to party and get drunk; they dance amazingly and it is really fun to watch and be part of it. We ended up going home at 5 in the morning again and me and Teddy ended up getting very little sleep as we debated the similarity between the lack of milk chocolate in Honduras and the lack of purpose of the royal family in the UK. Obviously, I feel the lack of milk chocolate is a far bigger tragedy.Β 

The next day we somehow didn’t leave until 4 in the afternoon (I’m not really sure what we did all day!) and we ended up having dinner at Lago de Yajoa. The views of the lake as the sun was setting were amazing and of course the fried fish – delicioso! We even had a little adventure after that when the car ran out of petrol – of course in Honduras they don’t just wait for the AA to come and fix it, so we reversed about half a mile down a dark hill and Teddy, somehow, found some petrol in the middle of nowhere. It was the most spontaneous few days I’ve had in a while and we had some really hilarious car journeys πŸ˜€ and of course I loved the copious amounts of baleadas, salva vidas and dancing… all my favourite things! Hopefully we will do it again πŸ™‚Β 


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