Life is good!

It’s the smaller moments in life that make you realise you’ve got it good. I was strolling down the road to my house this evening with local school children running home around me shouting and laughing, with the sun slowing setting and the lights of Tegucigalpa coming on over the hills and a yummy McFlurry in my hand to enjoy in the comfortable summer heat. Yeah, it’s moments like that you feel like life is handing you a big spoonful of ‘take a moment and be grateful’ ice cream. 

Life in Honduras is great – when I chose to volunteer here I hoped I would have a good time but I never imagined it would be as good as it has been. I had no idea it would become like such a second home to me. And sometimes it helps to be reminded of that – I’ve been spending a lot of time with Julia over the last month and she’s been here 2 months now so everything is still quite new to her. She also has this amazing, positive attitude which helps to remind me sometimes of everything there is to love in Honduras. We also share a great passion for baleadas and singined (although she sings A LOT better than me)!! Julia has already said she is sad that I will be leaving her in a couple of months – I know I’m going to miss her so much too!

So what have I been up to lately? 

I’ve been teaching more classes at my project recently – on Tuesdays I do two classes with the little children around 2 to 6 years old. We do a different topic each week, like violence is wrong, and they are given a picture to colour in. I have to admit I have a few favourites who are sooo adorable, I think I’ve mentioned before how cute Honduras kids are, and I tend to get a little broody around them! Today we gave out some sort of pill to them (apparently its not medication but just something to make teeth stronger) and to me it seemed a little strange to give such young children a packet of pills and trust them to follow instructions. I was proved right. After less than an hour everyone was crowded around one of my favourites, who is just two years old, because he had eaten all 15 pills. Luckily, the pills wouldn’t do any harm but it just seemed obvious to me that a 2 year old would understand that the pretty pink pills weren’t to be all eaten at once?! 

I also give English classes to children around 9 and 10 years old on Thursdays in La Cuesta and I love it! I have done some tutorials in the office but the children don’t seem to have much enthusiasm and lose concentration pretty quickly. But it is so much better teaching a big group and getting them excited to shout out ‘one, two, three’! I am looking forward to maybe teaching english abroad next year now… 🙂 

This weekend was also a 3 day weekend as yesterday was a national holiday. Julia and I went to a party Friday with Nora as her brother was doing a dj set. Then we went for baleadas and the cinema on Saturday, followed by a random karaoke session in Applebees… then followed by going to a bar for cerbezas and papas fritas with Teddy and Christopher. On Saturday I went with Joel to a friend’s house whose gated community has a pool 🙂 and yesterday Julia and I headed to Valle de Angeles for lunch before meeting Joel and a couple of his friends in Santa Lucia to take in some beautiful views and have some ice cream! Anyone who thinks Honduras isn’t beautiful needs to go to Santa Lucia!! 🙂 

So until next time – love you all 🙂




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