December Update 1: Leaving AYO

I have been so slow to update recently – with Christmas and it getting close to my leaving date I have found myself being quite busy lately! Hopefully today I can post a few updates on what I’ve been up to the last the few weeks…

The first news was the birth of my host brother and his wife’s first baby. Her name is Sua Alejandra and she is unbelievably cute:

A couple of weeks later I had my last week at my project; I can’t believe the time to say goodbye to them came around so fast! It really doesn’t feel like I have been here for a year. On the Wednesday we had a meeting to sum up the results of the year and celebrated all the different teams results. I was given a certificate thanking me for my time at AYO and we also did secret santa. Then the Friday, my last day at the project, I gave a couple of presentations – one showing everyone how to use the website I have made for the project, and one with photos from my year with them and thanking them for their support. The whole week everyone had been telling me to make sure I was free at 12pm that day and we’d be having a party for someone’s birthday. It turned out the party was for me and the other girl who had been volunteering for the past few months to thank us and say goodbye; how lovely is that! We had a barbeque, lots of dancing and they had even bought me some presents. A bag, a diary and an amazing mug with a picture of my team, it was so lovely of them and a really perfect way to say goodbye. I’m going to miss my project so much – especially some really special people like Emma, Lurvin, Estefany, Hector and Kelvin. 









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