Feliz Año Nuevo a Todos!

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

I know I said I would post more but I’ve been kind of useless again, oops!

It is really crazy that now it is only 1 week until I am on my plane away from Honduras! 😦 SOB! I reeeally can’t believe I have so little time left but I am definitely ready to see all my friends and family in England. It doesn’t feel like I’m leaving yet but I have some goodbyes planned with my friends and family here that I know will be quite emotional but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and giving them hugs. Whenever I speak to people at the moment about me leaving they always ask if I’m going to come back and visit… to which I reply that I definitely am, and then they reassure me that I won’t and I’ll forget about Honduras once I’m home. I can assure everyone now that that is NOT going to happen… I love Honduras and so many people here. There is no way I’m not going to come back and visit – hopefully I can visit this year if time and money allow! 

I had a delicious meal with my family and a couple of friends for New Year’s Eve – we had spag bol and Lobster, really delicious!

And I even treated them to a good English dessert, Apple Crumble mmm. It actually turned out alright too despite me having to make it without scales! I haven’t been upto much since then – mostly I’m making a crazy dash to apply to as many jobs as possible so the job hunt is at least a little under way by the time I come back. I know it is going to be the last thing I’ll want to do when I get home and I have the chance to see all the people I love that I haven’t seen for a year. As well as that I have been catching up with friends by going to some of my favourite Tegus bars and restaurants… and I even got the treat of a final roadtrip to the South with two of my favourites, Teddy and Christopher: 

Thanks guys! It’s still always weird when we do anything without Laura but it was nice to see them before I leave. Some of my best memories from this year are random outings of the four of us and no one makes me laugh (and feel bullied) like these two! I really hope they both have an amazing 2014 🙂 

I began packing up my room tonight as I don’t want to rush it later in the week… I found a card from my old work that I left just before coming to Honduras, everyone’s words were so lovely wishing me well and it got me a bit emotional. I also have a ridiculous amount of cards from family and some friends from when I first arrived, my birthday and Christmas. It was quite nice to read them all knowing that I will see everyone very soon. 

Thanks for reading x 


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