Being home in England!

I haven’t really said much about what it has been like coming back to England after a year abroad, in a very different country, and I always planned to write about the reverse culture shock of coming home. So this will be my last post on this blog…

I’ve been home almost 2 months now – where has that time gone?? I was pretty down my first couple of days as the realisation I wouldn’t get to see my family and friends in Honduras for so long set in… and I guess the return to England had been a bit of anti-climax; I had been expecting some kind of change but it felt like I’d never been away! Like Honduras had been a dream even; it definitely doesn’t feel like I was there for a year now. 

However, after the first few days of really feeling down, I started to enjoy being home and seeing the people I’d missed so much, the places I’d been dreaming about and the food I was craving. I’ve had a pretty hectic couple of months seeing friends and family all over the country, even having Brynja from Iceland visit, as well as going abroad again myself to Ireland to visit Joel. I’ve also been running around the country trying to find a job – somehow, I have managed to get a really great job that I start in a week! I’m so excited about moving to Oxford and beginning a new adventure there with a really great youth charity 🙂 I don’t think I have suffered too much culture shock, it’s just been getting used to a lot of little things: 

  • putting toilet paper down the toilet! I still have to take a minute to work out what I’m doing when there is no bin in the bathroom and then I realise…
  • the prices; wow it is so expensive here! And you really don’t realise just how expensive until you’ve lived in a developing country and it makes it really hard to buy things that you now know are so ridiculously marked up *cough* coca cola!! 
  • driving on the left…. there have been a couple of times I have found myself driving on the right, whoops! 
  • speed cameras – one of the things I actually managed to completely forget existed. You can imagine my reaction when I saw one for the first time again 😦 
  • just general road courtesies, I don’t think a lot of my Honduran friends would cope very well on our polite, calm roads…
  • actually being able to walk into local shops and choosing things, rather than guessing at what they might have from behind bars
  • being invisible, I definitely don’t get gringa and guapa shouted at me anymore!
  • people being on time…. that was definitely a nice cultural thing to get used to again 🙂

… and so many more little things! 

 I have lots of things from Honduras in my room to remind me of my amazing experiences there and I speak to someone from Honduras almost every day so it is definitely still a big part of my life, but of course it is so different and a part of me is really, really sad that my adventure there is over now. I miss the country and my friends there all the time, and more than anything my host family. I hate not seeing them every day and I often want nothing but to jump on a plane to go see them. I will definitely do this though before the year is out. I saw Cuban Fury last night and the salsa dancing and spanish music made me miss Honduras A LOT. It’s so great to be able to see the lyrics of a Daddy Yankee song without even realising it but then I have a huge craving to drink a bottle of Salva Vida and get moving on the dance floor. I’m so, sooo glad I went to Honduras and had the incredible experience I had, but sometimes it is really hard missing it! 

Overall, coming back to England hasn’t been as cold, boring or depressing as I was expecting it to be. I think living in such a nice place and having a job I’m passionate about is going to help a lot in making me enjoy being here and for now, it’s where I want to be. But Honduras, I will be back, I promise! 🙂 


Thank you everyone for reading this post and any other part of my blog you might have read. Seeing that people have been viewing this and even emailing me to let me know you’ve enjoyed it has been a really great feeling and inspired me to keep up with it. I’m so glad I have something now that I’ll be able to read again when Honduras does seem like a distant memory… 

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