Another post already!

Ok, so I know I have posted a lot lately but I guess it is just the excitement of finally having my laptop after two months and it being so much easier now for me to say lots of things to you all!! Also, I thought I would post a few pics… my parent’s refuse to use facebook so I thought they would appreciate seeing a few photos!! 

So I have some big news… It isn’t 100% official yet as I technically still need to apply but I am pretty sure that I will be continuing to volunteer in Latin America, rather than Vietnam, after Honduras. I have chosen to change my second destination country for three main reasons – I love it in Latin America, I want to have the time to travel in South America between my volunteering and I want to become as fluent in Spanish as possible. So I have spent the last few weeks trying to decide between Costa Rica and Ecuador… I am swaying more towards Ecuador but nothing is final yet. So this also means that I won’t be in the UK for a few weeks in the summer as I was going to be… there are moments when it hits me that I won’t be home and able to see my family and friends for so long but I’m also very excited for the next year. 

Tonight, I also sent a long and quite emotional email to my parents and sister thanking them for being so supportive! They often have a tendency to avoid using the internet and email… but it is good to hear from them when I do. It is really difficult to think I won’t see them (or Lauren, Vicky, Becca, George etc.) for such a long time but I think being away so long will help me to appreciate everything at home more. I do have occasions when I just can’t see the poverty here anymore and want to avoid it and live a nice, easy life in the UK again… but I just know (and the people that know me well will agree) I would love being back for a few days and would see everyone and do lots of things… but after that initial excitement I would quickly be bored again and want to go on my next adventure! 

In fact, recently when I was bored at my project and didn’t have much to do I decided to make a quick list of everything I definitely want to before life gets all serious and boring (yes, I know in my last post I said I’m trying to plan less but I can’t help it!!) so here is a quick summary: 

1. Live in London for a year (mainly to keep Lauren happy and get some money to afford the rest of the list)

2. Live in New York for a year

3. Work for a human rights NGO… hopefully in the area of teaching people in developing countries about HIV, violence etc. 

4. Travel around Europe for a month by Interrail 

5. Visit a few countries in Asia… Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia etc. 

6. Visit Oz and hopefully New Zealand again… I have two cousins out there at the moment so hopefully they’ll stick around there and I can get a couple of free places to stay!! 

7. Go on another holiday with Lauren… I crave being back in Kavos with my bestie all the time!! Although maybe we’ll go somewhere a bit nicer next time… 

8. And finally, get a puppy! Which will have to be a pug of course… 

So I wrote all of these things down and got all excited (and clueless about how to afford all of this) before realising I would be 27/28 before I managed to tick everything off the list… if I even managed to do it all in a nice order one after the other. Then I decided that actually, maybe I should concentrate on where I am now… but at least now I have a few goals. And I suppose things like getting a puppy can wait… 

I had a three day weekend just gone which included two nights out, a trip to the Nicaraguan border and a trip to a beach on the Pacific coast (which included waking up at FIVE in the morning) so I was very tired by last night and I’m looking forward to taking it easy this week before Semana Santa. In Central America (and South America too I’m guessing) the entire region has a week off for Easter… which sounds great, a week off… but the problem is that everyone is on holiday at the same time and all flock to the same places (the North coast and the Bay Islands). So everything shoots up in price! So at the moment I have managed to get plans to visit Tela and La Ceiba (both on the North coast) with Brynja, the volunteer from Iceland and we will be staying at her friend’s friend’s house for free. So fingers crossed this plan goes ahead!! I will keep you posted 🙂 

So for now, here are a few pics from the last few days…