Proud to be British

I know I don’t always like to scream my love for the UK but sometimes you can’t help but be completely in love with where you are from. Word of advice… if you’re ever bored or feeling resentful of your home, just move to the other side of the World for 5 months, and you will soon start to appreciate home more (just noticed 5 months today since I left!!). This appreciation really showed itself last night when I visited my friend Joel’s house last night. Joel did an ICYE exchange year in the UK so he has a few things in his house from there. I can honestly say that I have never been so excited to see a WH Smiths bag. I couldn’t get over the excitement of it. Just one of those things that you completely forget exist even though it’s such a normal part of life at home… so it made me miss overpriced books and chocolate. Here is me enjoying my Britishness last night…

I also hallucinated slightly today… you know when you’re walking down a street in the UK and you have to walk past a chippy, and no matter how hard you try you can’t help but smell the delicious, fried smell of greasy, salty fish and chips? And then you crave it all day so you treat yourself to eating at the local chippy that night. Well I had that today, I hallucinated smelling the British fish and chips smell… and now I just have to wait 7 months to satisfy my craving. Ouch. 

If anyone can think of a way to get proper fish and chips to me here I will owe you forever.